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Disney at Home: The World of AVATAR Pongu Pongu Night Blossom

Hello all! I am so glad to be back!

I am back with a new 'eatspirational' recipe. The summertime heat of August has got me CRAVING the deliciously sweet and tart frozen Night Blossom drink from Animal Kingdom.

On my recent visit to Disney World, I had the frozen concoction boozey version with the rum added. 

**The Disney trip vlog will be uploaded this weekend :) Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for the happiest adventure on Earth!

I like  most sweet frozen drinks so the Night Blossom was definitely on the must-try list. Tangy and sweet layers of desert pear and green apple are topped with popping boba and as I mentioned before, there is a 21+ version that includes a heavy handed portion of rum. The beautiful result is an 'Instagram-able' cup of frozen candy-like beverage.

Disney uses several different companies for flavoring syrups and lemonade but this one is super simple; Monin for the syrups and Simply brand limeade. You may need to order your popping boba online or a great hack is to grab some from your local fro-yo to go place. 

The key to making this Disney at Home treat is to plan ahead. You will need to freeze the cubes so you can blend up your bev!

Bringing back my favorite rating system....These are a solid 4 Mickeys! And 10 out of 10 I definitely will  be making these again. 


  - Simply Limeade
   -Monin flavoring syrups (Desert Pear and Green Apple)
   - Ice Cube trays
Freeze some of the limeade in the ice cube trays until solid. You may need more than one tray if you plan to make multiple servings.
Once the cubes freeze, place half in the blender with about a 1/3 of a cup to 8 cube ratio of the desert pear syrup. Blend until well mixed and smooth and set aside (in the fridge or freezer if you need to clean up between the layers). Repeat but this time add the green apple syrup instead of the desert pear. You need about half the syrup to 4 cubes for this layer. 

Once both flavors are blended, pour the desert pear layer in a clear cup about a 3rd of the way up, then the green apple, and finally the second layer of desert pear. Top with the popping boba, throw in a straw and sip like you are hanging out in front of the 
Satu'li Canteen

Let me know if you try the recipe and what you think if you have had this in the park!


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