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Harvest Punch (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholoic Versions)

For this seasonally flavored beverage  you will need: 5 cups apples cider 2 cups orange juice 1 TBSP lemon juice 1/2-1 cup whiskey (depends on preference, fireball whiskey is also a great alternative) For the non-alcoholic version substitute 2 drops maple, 1 drop orange extract for the whiskey Fresh apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks for garnish. Combine the ingredients in a punch bowl or pitcher and mix well. Can be served hot, cold or over ice.

Intro to Book Club: The Fall Reading List

 Hi Dames and Dolls! This week, I am hoping you all can join me on a reading adventure. That's right, I am starting a Bookclub! It's simple to follow and minimal effort is needed for participation. I will post seasonally (starting with Fall, of course). With each post, I will list 3 titles to read before the next  season's announcement.  I encourage you to interact, read 1, 2 or all 3 of the books listed and use the follow-up post's comment section to chat about the reads! It's as simple as that. I will post my take and thoughts on the selections (I have not read ANY of the books listed for fall). I wanted to participate in the same way, digesting the information initially and giving my first impressions. The week of November 17th, I will post my synopsis and any questions for discussion. On that same post/day, I will list the Winter selections . In addition to the 3 traditional books selected, I will also list a bonus buy or bonus read.  Be sure to check out this s

Vegan Meal Prep

Hello Dames and Dolls! I finally caved! This week I meal prepped. I always see cute pics and used to see coworkers who meticulously portioned colorful, fragrant foods into little plastic and glass containers. I also thought each time "Who has the time?" Well, since Corona, I now do. And I did just that. First, came grocery shopping, then as life goes I had to delay prepping by one day. But finally, I gloriously prepped. Keeping everything somewhat simple and using  containers from Amazon , I prepped: Hummus and Veggies Potato and Kale bowls Chili with tortilla strips Burger Salad Fresh Fruit Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits Granola with Milk Granola with Yogurt Smoothie Bowls I listed all the breakdowns/recipes on my IG, @doseofvegan_, so be sure to go check it out!

Weight loss Map to Success

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Feel Good Soup (Vegan)

Hi Dames and Dolls!  With the cold & flu season upon us, today, I share with you all my vegan alternative to chicken noodle soup recipe.  It tastes great and is so simple to make it has become a seasonal staple in the menu in my household. Soup is the ultilmare comfort food: light on the palette and easy going down, it makes the days of stuffy noses a little better. But the recipe below is so lip smackin' good, I make it on days when I feel perfectly fine as well.  Also, I boil my eggless noodles and add to the soup as I/we eat it. Do you add your noodles in the pot or reserve for serving? I am curious to know. Another shareable find is  WALMART has Eggless Noodles   Recipe:    - Eggless Noodles    -1 TBP EVOO    -1/4 tsp chickenless seasoning (I love Trader Joe's brand)    -2 tsp lemon juice    -1/4 tsp oregano    -1/4 tsp thyme    -1/4 tsp poultry seasoning    -Salt & Pepper to taste    -1/4 white onion    -1 tsp minced garlic    -1/2

WAP- Get the Look for Less

Have you been singing the oh-so-proactive catchy, banger WAP? Well I know I have! 🤚🏾 In addition to the catchy melody, the music video delivers a visual that is undeniably a sensation for the eyes.  Check out my budget dupe below on the iconic pink look rocked by Cardi B in the video! Stream WAP

Fall Playlist

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