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Disney at Home: Princess and The Frog + Mickey Beignets

I'll be headed to Disney World later this month so I figured it would be the perfect time for another Disney at Home night, this time in the theme of the Princess and The Frog. In order to get in a truly Tiana-like mood, I prepared breakfast for dinner, complete with beignets, coffee, orange juice, bacon and sausage. We enjoyed this meal while watching Princess and the Frog on Disney Plus. I served up the vegan version for myself and the non-vegan assortment for the rest of my family. Since non-vegan bacon and sausage are pretty well known, I'm going to skip showing them.  The brand of sausage I used was the Beyond Breakfast Sausage links and the Bacon (bacn) was LightLife. What I will include of the non-vegan assortment, is that I used Cafe du Monde beignet mix to create their beignets. My mom grabbed a box while shopping so I needed to make use of it. You can find it on Amazon and in Louisiana. Just follow the directions on the box.
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Caribbean Martinis!

Hi you all! I am finally back!!!  After taking some time to get myself together (check out my YouTube for a bit of a catch up), I'm here with a drink recipe that is sure to please. If you like tropical flavors and martinis, you are going to love this recipe! You will need: 1 shot Malibu mango 1 shot malibu coconut 1 shot cream de banana  1/2 jigger orange juice 1/2 jigger pineapple juice   a splash of cream Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Strain and serve in martini glasses. Let me know if you try this recipe!   Catch Up with Me Martini Time!

31 Days of Halloween: Week 1

Hi Dames and Dolls!  Now that October is here (my favorite time of year) it is time to celebrate the 31 days of Halloween! Excessive?...maybe. Elaborate?...possibly. Tradition?...YES! Each year since my son was old enough to trick or treat, I have orchestrated and assembled a month's worth of fun, Halloween themed and most recently the most difficult part - age appropriate activities. Each week I will give you a recap of the week's avtivities and hopefully you will come back and comment your own spooky, scary Halloweenie ideas. This week's daily breakdown: October 1st: Indoor Decorating Day October 2nd: Outdoor Decorating Day/Pumpkin Day October 3rd (start of weekly themes): Disney Halloween Week /Haunted Mansion Movie Night with Haunted Mansion Game October 4th: Spooky Apple Punch dupes October 5th: Maleficient Movie Night with Blackberry Mint Juleps October 6th: Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Night Theatre Style October 7th: Jack Skellington Hoodie Craft October 8th: Ho

Pink Starburst Breakfast Smoothie

Super simple! 1/4 cup frozen strawberries 1/4 diced fresh pineapple 1/4 cup frozen mango 1/4 cup coconut water 1/4 cup vanilla almond milk Juice of 1/2 lime Bee free honey (vegan honey) to taste Scoop Protein Powder - optional Ice  Blend all together and serve! 

Disney Cozy Movie Night: Haunted Mansion

  I think you all can pretty much surmise, I really love Disney. One of the only other things that can size up to that level of enthusiasm is Halloween. So when I get to combine the 2, it is simply euphoria! Last night's movie night featured Disney's Haunted Mansion. I absolutely love the Haunted Mansion ride and area in Disney World and the movie has always been one on my Halloween list.  To complete the festivities and level up the experience, I purchased a cute Haunted  Mansion mug from Spirit Halloween and ordered the  Funko Haunted Mansion Game . I also served a sweet soda family friendly beverage inspired by this year's Disney Halloween Spooky Apple Punch. It was simply green apple syrup and Sprite served over ice and garished with gummy worms and crushed candy straws. Bonus points if you have the poison apple glow cubes. Happy Haunts!

Harvest Punch (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholoic Versions)

For this seasonally flavored beverage  you will need: 5 cups apples cider 2 cups orange juice 1 TBSP lemon juice 1/2-1 cup whiskey (depends on preference, fireball whiskey is also a great alternative) For the non-alcoholic version substitute 2 drops maple, 1 drop orange extract for the whiskey Fresh apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks for garnish. Combine the ingredients in a punch bowl or pitcher and mix well. Can be served hot, cold or over ice.

Intro to Book Club: The Fall Reading List

 Hi Dames and Dolls! This week, I am hoping you all can join me on a reading adventure. That's right, I am starting a Bookclub! It's simple to follow and minimal effort is needed for participation. I will post seasonally (starting with Fall, of course). With each post, I will list 3 titles to read before the next  season's announcement.  I encourage you to interact, read 1, 2 or all 3 of the books listed and use the follow-up post's comment section to chat about the reads! It's as simple as that. I will post my take and thoughts on the selections (I have not read ANY of the books listed for fall). I wanted to participate in the same way, digesting the information initially and giving my first impressions. The week of November 17th, I will post my synopsis and any questions for discussion. On that same post/day, I will list the Winter selections . In addition to the 3 traditional books selected, I will also list a bonus buy or bonus read.  Be sure to check out this s