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Sailor's Soda (21+)

Am I the only person quarantine has converted into a mixologist? Since being home and having ample downtime, I have taken to mixing up cocktails with ingredients on hand and others I get my hands on through grocery delivery/mail ordering such as juices, syrups, etc. Which brings me to the concoction shaken today: Sailor's Soda as I like to aptly call it. I tincture of vitamin C ladden juices and gin the beverage could have boarded pirate ships of the olden days and cured scurvy (or so I'd lkke to think). Check out the recipe below. It's bright and easy on the palate but definitely packs a punch! Recipe: 2 oz pineapple juice 1 oz guava nectar 1 oz lemon juice 1/2 cut up lemon 1/2 cut up lime 1/4 tsp of sugar or sugar substitute 2 oz gin A splash of Club Soda Ice Mix all the ingredients in a shaker with the ice (reserve 1/2 the lemon and lime pieces). Shake well until mixed. Pour into a glass over ice and top with a splash of club soda. Add the

Disney at Home: Perkins Thai Noodles + Lapu Lapu Drinks!

 Dinner at a Disney Park is most times a truly magical experience. And while we can't recreate the feel of the park, we can cook deliciously inspired by Disney theme park meals at home. As I mentioned in a previous post, Disney at Home recreations have been my newest obsession. As a matter of fact, as I type this post I am also boiling pasta for yet another Disney inspired meal. And with so many masterfully crafted eats and treats at the various parks to replicate, I see no end in site. This post is all about the in Perkins Thai Noodles. Perkins Thai Noodles can be found at Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom. The description on the menu is enough to make you start salivating, but the taste is even more satiating. Rice Noodles, veggies and tofu in chili sauce: simple to replicate and ultimately satisfying. I used a few short cuts sure as boxed rice noodles (and will always because I have no intention on make pasta EVER), premade

Disney at Home: Cheeseburger Spring/Egg Rolls

 Keeping with the newfound obsession I have, I scoured various Disney blogs and the Disney website in search of 'eatspirational' recipes. One recipe that was routinely reviewed and intrigued me was the cheeseburger spring roll. You can locate these by hopping over to the Spring Roll Cart in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland once parks re-open. I like burgers (yes vegan burgers are DELISH!) and I like spring rolls so I naturally wanted to try my hand at recreating the perfect at-home, 'Instagram-able' photo of the crunchy snack. The first ingredient I searched high and low for posed an issue. No matter how many apps I searched, spring roll wrappers were sold out everywhere. And yes, you can make spring roll wrappers at home but that is going beyond the limit of what my work at home persona wants to reach! I finally thought I secured some at a local AG but when the delivery arrived, the shopper informed me that the product was sold out and she replaced with Nago

Disney at Home: Woody's Grilled Cheese

  Hello all! I am back during this time of self isolation. With so much time at home, freeing up the endless minutes (at times hours) spent in traffic commuting back and forth to work, my newest obsession has been EVERYTHING DISNEY. With Disney releasing recipes for classic favorites and a plethora of blogs and videos filled with Disney content, I have been longing for the reopening of the parks, dreaming of Soarin' and anticipating the mind-controlling scent of the smellitizers. Disney's release of the recipe of Woody's Lunch Box Grilled Cheese did not go unnoticed. The ingredients were quickly becoming sold out on all grocery delivery apps (I have not been physically in a store since mid-March). After the initial hoopla settled, the ingredients slowly returned to the 'in-stock' status and I quickly placed an order. No my vegan friends, this recipe IS NOT VEGAN. I have a family of what I like to refer to as omnivorous nay-sayers. That being said, I simply